Learn To Enjoy The Latin Dance Of Salsa With These Five Moving Tips

Are you interested in learning how to salsa dance without going to the club or signing up for a class? There are many ways you can master this dance technique on your own.

Follow our tips listed below to master salsa on your own, even though social dancing and attending classes is considered to be much more effective.

Let The Mirror Be Your Partner

Pay attention to getting your body to practically peel off a wall.

Start by using your mirror to work on your body roll technique. Both upward and downward body rolls are essential at this point.

Use your knees, then your hips, stomach and chest before ending with your head to execute the former.

Start with your head working downwards to your chest, stomach and further to your hips and then knees to execute the downward roll, a complete opposite of the forward roll.

When dancing, you get to execute great rolls with your body and also build up muscle memory by following this approach.

Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles

You can improve your dancing by doing some regular sit-ups. You will be more centred and smooth when dancing simply because stronger, conditioned abs help improve your balance.

Additionally, to spin correctly, you need to have a firm core that makes it possible for you to spot and remain balanced, as such, to master spinning, you will need to add more sit-ups to your workout routine.

It’s great to feel more in control when you head out to the club or a dancing class, so working your abs is definitely a wise idea. More importantly, with stronger ab’s you will have more power to move your body around with higher speed, making you a better spinner.

Over and above that, you can even try more advanced moves as you will be fitter.

Learn Through Observation

Observing other dancers, online or on the dance floor, is another excellent way through which you can master salsa dancing all by your lonesome.

Look at other dancers from all over the world to learn new styles that you are not familiar with and that you can incorporate in your dancing style.

Before you start watching other dancers and using their moves to enrich your dancing knowledge and skills, start by identifying some of your favourite steps.

You will find a variety of moves you can add to your own collection by watching and learning from other great dancers.

Give Body Isolations A Try

Try to perform body isolations now that you have made the mirror your dancing partner.

One at a time, move all your body parts while standing in front of the mirror. Regardless of how slow your movements are, make sure that each part is singled out.

To make sure that each movement takes a number of 8 counts, its best to practice using cha-cha songs.

You will perfect your dancing and your body movements the more you practice these isolations.

With the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ in mind, execute these moves over and over again, starting from the shoulders, heading down to your ribs and hips.

Make Your Own Dance Video

During practice and any related activities, you might be surprised to know that a video recorder can be one of your most valued partners when it comes to learning how to salsa dance.

Whether you are out dancing socially, or in a dance class, whichever you prefer, it is worthwhile to have a friend record your moves.

What’s great is that you are most likely identify a number of areas you can improve on after going through the video, finding something that might motivate you to improve at an elevated rate.

Even professional dance groups use video recordings to understand what areas of their dance need further work. Also in groups, Video recordings provide a great way of knowing whether the performers are dancing in harmony.

Try Salsa by yourself to start dancing, but once you enjoy this latino dance, join a dance class or have private lessons to accelerate your dancing to the next level.