Take Lessons In The Lover’s Dance – Argentina Tango

Tango is one of the most popular and seductive dances in the world. It’s a dance couples can learn together to put a little extra fire in their lives.

Let’s take a quick look at the history of tango, explore tango classes, and learn more about the seductive Argentine Tango.

The History of Argentine Tango

Argentina and Tango are joined together with Argentina the birthplace of both tango music and tango dancers. This sensual, energetic dance has been exported to every corner of the planet becoming the most recognised form of Latin dance.

The birth of tango dancing can be found in the early 1800s when Argentina abolished slavery and fast economic growth was underway. Immigrants from France, Germany, and Spain flowed into Argentina fueling the economic growth, with many immigrants settling in the capital city of Buenos Aires.

Latin American and African musical influences could be seen in the combination of habanera and guajira music which was sweeping the nation.

Living conditions for the poor residents of Buenos Aires remained deplorable, with many people living in damaged and decaying buildings. The former slaves moved near the port making the La Boca area their home.

It was this combination of socioeconomic tensions, new found freedom, and musical influences which gave birth to Tango.

What Is the Best Way for A Couple to Learn the Tango?

As with any type of dance, it requires a combination of practice and patience. If you already have learned other forms of dance, you will pick up the tango with greater ease, but it has a different personality that belongs to the tango only. Keep in mind, learning any dance as a couple takes more discipline and effort.

A good starting point is to team up with someone who already knows how to tango. They can guide you through the steps, leading, correcting, and enticing you to learn.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, as they will tell you, everyone makes mistakes at first, besides the tango is built on improvising moves and adding your own style to the dance.

If you are learning as a couple, you may want to take some classes. The instructors take over from the experienced partner and teach the two of you to work in unison.

You may practice separately for the first few lessons to work with experienced dancers, then bring you back together to perfect the dance as a couple.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Tango Lessons for Couples?

Most dance schools, or studios, offer tango lessons since it has become one of the most popular dances in the world. You can choose from private lessons or group sessions.

Classes are usually offered on a weekly basis unless you want a more intensive learning experience, then you can enrol in more frequent sessions.

Check class schedules and sign up quickly. Tango classes usually fill up fast, and you may have to wait months for another session to begin.

If you don’t like the idea of learning in a dance school, you can sign up with a dance tutor. The tutor can come to your home and work with your schedule to teach you to tango. This is ideal for busy couples who never seem to have enough time.

A private tutor provides more personalised teaching, plus keeps the two of you together for all of your lessons.

Are you good at learning on your own? You may find it more fun and relaxing to buy a tango training DVD, online course, or a book. Video training is usually better than books. This form of training costs less but may take you a little longer to perfect your tango skills.

Ask your friends or instructors what clubs have Tango or Milongas nights. The clubs often have free lessons before the evening of dancing begins, plus you get to practice your skills on a live dance floor with other tango lovers.

Why Couples Should Learn to Tango Together

The tango is about emotion, lust, life, and fun, which makes it perfect as a couple, especially with your loved one.

It may take a little extra effort to find dance classes in London when you are both available, but it is worth the effort.

The tango’s seductive moves and sensual rhythms bring couples together in an intimate dance of love. You can tell your partner more about your desire for them in a few moments of dance than an hour of talking. You learn to move together to entrance one another with a passion that few other couples will ever experience. It builds rapport and communication, without uttering a word.

A simple hand gesture signals your partner to flow to you. Their intense gaze draws you into their arms, as you tease them with your sensual motion. The tango is designed to make your passions burn, especially when you are both dressed up to tango.

If you want to find a way to re-ignite your passions, to reconnect, and to experience each other’s sensual sides, becoming a student of the tango will do it.

It doesn’t matter if you have never danced before, or are just looking for a new style, learning authentic Argentino Tango can be easy. You can learn quickly with private lessons but can be a touch more expensive.

It is time to dance with passion with your partner. Learn the tango together and feel the fire build inside.